Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast

And it’s out! Huzzah. ^^ Bitten.  20,000+ words, paranormal setting, first time, friends to lovers dubcon.


Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast excerpt

Seth awoke slowly, the night thick around him and something hot and shimmery in his mind. It was a scent—An irresistible scent that had his dick pulsing with need. Breathing deep, he groaned and licked around his lips. It was all over his face. He had tried to ingrain Alexa into his flesh but it hadn’t been enough. He needed more.

Seth sat up slowly on the couch, swinging his legs over the side and standing. The air was shimmering—with heat or scent, he wasn’t sure. It was stifling, his clothes feeling constrictive on his flushed and swollen flesh. He found his shirt drenched in sweat and he quickly peeled it off, one of the sleeves tearing over his bicep. His muscles were larger than he remembered, his torn jeans clutching to his thighs uncomfortably as he pulled the damp material from them. Looking down, he found his leg intact, no wound left to show he’d been attacked earlier.

His body was hard and dripping in sweat, his dick achingly stiff as he pulled his underwear off. The air was still too hot like he had woken up in a jungle instead of the hotel’s climate controlled room. He wrapped his palm around his flushed cock, groaning lowly as he stroked it from base to tip a few times, some of the intense pressure relieving. He couldn’t give the pleasurable sensation his entire focus, the scent rising in the air drawing him to the other side of the room where the only bed was.

It was Alexa, the beautiful girl wrapped in a thin sheet in the middle of the circular bed. She was curled on her side in panties still wet with his saliva and her nectar, her long legs bent and face tilted back. Her shirt was riding up, exposing the bottom of her pale breasts to his sight. Seth couldn’t help but pull the sheet down her sleeping form, studying her from head to toe. Her scent called to him, drawing him closer until his face was pressed to the top of her underwear.

She was so lovely. His beautiful Lexa. Always there for him, saving his ass and kicking it depending on what he needed at the time. God, he loved her. Could never love anyone the way he loved her. He had tried to fight it, had told himself for the longest time that she would never want him back. But this scent… this bewitching scent that had his blood thrumming through his veins. He breathed deep, fighting back a groan as he felt her heat pulse, calling to him, pleading for him to act. She smelled like his. His girl. His mate.

He could smell it so clearly; Lexa belonged to him.

He let his hand slide ever so softly down her hip, moving to her ass and teasing his fingertips around to trace the seam of her inner thigh. Her flesh was like an enchantress’s allure, demanding he touch and taste her. He kissed down the swell of her ass, groaning, scraping his teeth over the firm flesh. He needed to claim her—God, he needed to fuck her. Breed her. Show her that she belonged to him and only him. But Lexa was strong willed and knew more magic than most. He couldn’t trust her to behave, to submit to him like she was supposed to. He had picked a powerful mate, a very stubborn one at that.

Tearing himself away from Alexa’s divine scent, he looked around the room silently, his eyes falling on his backpack. He moved through the dimly lit room, the small bulbs illuminating the light switches the only glow in the room. He could see fine, though, a curiosity Seth dismissed for the contents of his bag, sifting through until he found what he was looking for. It was the rope he had brought just in case they decided to do some climbing. Finding the end, he began to unwrap the smooth coil, his eyes again falling to Alexa on the bed.

She was going to be pissed. He grinned at the thought, standing over her, more precum dripping from him from just looking at her sleeping form. Lexa was so hot when she was yelling at him.

Carefully bending over the girl’s motionless form, he wrapped the center of the rope around one of her delicate wrists, tying it tightly before threading the rope through the headboard and pulling it back down so he could secure it to her remaining wrist. It pulled her arms above her head, her shirt riding up even higher. He pushed the soft material up, taking in the sight of her full breasts, her tiny waist and the swell of her hips and ass. So sexy. Fuck, he wanted to be inside her. Fill her with so much of his cum so that if anyone scented her, they’d know she belonged to him and only him.

Breathing out unsteadily, Seth cupped her breast, feeling the weight of her flesh as he leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. The bud slowly hardened under his tongue, Alexa sighing softly in her sleep. He sucked the pink nub, circling his tongue around it, unable to fight a low moan. She tasted so good, was so firm and soft. So fucking hot. He licked up her breast, pinching her other nipple while nipping at the slick bud.

“Lexa,” he called softly, kissing the tip of her nipple and moving up the swell of flesh with his lips. He ran his tongue up, coating her soft flesh, feeling it yield beneath his touch. “Come on, Lexa, wake up. I need you to be awake for this.” He leaned up, nipping her shoulder, groaning from the tang of blood as his too sharp fangs broke her delicate skin. “Come on, baby. Wake up so I can fuck you.”

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