Taken By Werewolves

Books 1, 2 *coming soon*
abducted, alpha male, animal characteristics, bareback, bestiality, cumplay, dirty talk, domination, dubcon, first time, humiliation, monster cock, noncon, paranormal, XXX, shifters, werewolves, breeding, knot/tie, new adult, humanoid shifters, transformation, mating

Stolen from her campsite and locked up in a cabin by the lake with five powerful werewolves, Laci Gayl must figure out how to escape before she’s forced to bear the¬†creatures’ pups.

Just after realizing she was cursed to be a loner, Laci is hunted down and taken by a pack of werewolves, all who claim that she’s their destined mate. Not one to put up with insanity, especially when children might be involved, Laci is determined to escape. It’s just extremely difficult when her body keeps betraying her, agreeing with her new pack no matter how much she resists.

Disclaimer Adults only 18+: This dark paranormal series contains forced knotting and tying with multiple wolves with the intent to breed, as well as graphic language, violence, and sexually explicit content between a woman, multiple men, and shifted werewolves. Each book is 20,000 words+



Bred By The Pack: XXX
20,000+ wrds, paranormal, noncon, werewolf, breeding, bestiality